Conceptual Work

Commercial Work



Marked is the series that I worked on for my undergraduate thesis exhibition and continue to expand on. The series sheds light on people's scars and the personal significance they have.                                           


I have been working for Mad Monks Coffee Shop, a small coffee shop in West Virginia that focuses on extremely high quality artisan breads and excellent coffee, for the past year. Very early on they asked me to obtain imagery for them to use on their website


Night Walks

Night Walks shares in my experience of walking through a small college town at night, which allows for glimpses into the homes of the town's residents.                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Copy Work

During my time managing Shepherd University's photography studio, both students and faculty members would seek my assistance in lighting and photographing their work for use on their websites, social media, press releases, etc. These are some of the more unique works I had the pleasure of photographing.


Millenial Living Spaces

Millennial Living Spaces offers a glimpse into the dwelling places of my generation at a very transitionary time in our lives.                                                                                                                                              

Studio Glass

This series concluded my introductory semester in studio photography and rather than pursue portraiture, as most of my colleagues were, I decided to approach the already challenging subject of photographing glass on a translucent light table differently. This was the result.



This gallery contains a sampling of the portraits I have taken, both within and outside of the the studio. Most noteworthy of my accomplishments in this subject is the faculty headshots for the Shepherd University Department of Contemporary Art and Theater's website.